Former Nigerian President, Jonathan Congratulates Kenya’s President-Elect


Former President of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan has congratulated the president-elect of Kenya, William Ruto.

Ruto’s victory at the recently concluded general elections in Kenya was on Monday upheld by the Supreme Court of Kenya.

Jonathan, writing in his official Facebook page said:

“I believe that your victory after the general elections is a testament to your resilience and service as a Vice President in the last ten years, and will contribute to the deepening of the roots of democracy in Kenya.

“Your Excellency, having led a pre-election assessment mission to Kenya and an election observation mission to the just-concluded elections, I am in a good position to note that we are all relieved that the peaceful election outcome has mitigated the tension, uncertainty and obvious division that had welled up in Kenya ahead of the polling.

“I urge you to be magnanimous in victory and leverage the pervading peaceful atmosphere to stabilise your nation by seeking to reassure Kenyans that you will run a government of national unity that will embrace, accommodate and heal all citizens and strongly establish Kenya on the path of sustainable economic growth.

“I believe that your leadership, guided by your rich experience, wisdom and sincere Pan-African spirit, will also bring about closer cooperation among African leaders to enhance the attainment of the desired political stability, peace and development on the continent.”


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