Abia Socio-cultural Body, Ezumezu Ozaa Describes Conferment Of Chieftaincy Titles By ‘Nde-Ichie’ As Cultural Abnormality


A Social-cultural body in Abia State, Ezumezu Ozaa, has described the conferment / award of Chieftaincy titles as a cultural abnormality.

In a release signed by its Chairman, Chief Lazarus Enwereuzor, said the conferment/award of Chieftaincy titles by ‘Nde-Ichie’ during a ceremony organised by a group known as ‘Oganihu Ozaa Action Group’ on October 30, 2023, as embarrassing and inconsistent with the norms and standard practices of their people.

The release reads in part:

“Ezumezu Ozaa, an elitist Socio-Cultural Body, saddled with the oversight function of
nurturing and sustaining the ancient cultural heritage of Ozaa Community,found this
unconscionable act embarrassing and inconsistent with our norms and standard

“The conferment/award of chieftaincy titles remains the exclusive reserves of
the Traditional Rulers Council in contradistinction to the functions of Nde-Ichie.

“This cultural abnormality is not only laughable but a cheap blackmail on the sensibility of the
awardees and constitutes a public riddle to our cherished norms and values.

“The organizers of this absurd event are advised to re-trace their steps and refrain from such unwholesome behaviours to avoid misleading this vulnerable generation and short-changing our traditional institutions.”


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