NAGIKO TOMATO MIX: I’ll Sue Chioma Egodi Jnr For N5b If … , Erisco Foods Boss, Eric Umeofia


The Founder and President of Erisco Foods Limited, makers of Nagiko Tomato Mix, Eric Umeofia, has threatened to sue a prominent Facebook user, Chioma Egodi Jnr for the sum of N5 billion over a post she made online alleging that Nagiko Tomato Mix was unfit for human consumption.

Speaking during an interview with Arise News Television on Thursday, Umeofia threatened that if the lady does not post online the apology letter which she wrote to Erisco Foods Limited, before the Nigeria Police, he would be left with no choice than to sue for damages in a Court of law.

It should be recalled that Egodi Jnr had, on September 17, 2023 made a post via Facebook alleging that Nagiko Tomato Mix contains an unhealthy amount of sugar, and therefore not fit for human consumption.

Umeofia also said during the interview that he wrote a letter to the Inspector General of Police, and complained that the action of the lady was tantamount to killing his business, which, according to him employs over 3,000 workers, adding that the action of the lady had significantly portrayed his company in bad light.

He said some prominent Nigerians intervened on behalf of Egodi Jnr, who he added begged him with her husband for forgiveness, after admitting that she had done wrong.

He alleged that Egodi Jnr was not working alone, but in concert with others whose intention was to put his company out of business, as his product was lower in cost and of superior quality to competition.


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