Reno Omokri Highlights Dangers Of Voting Pattern Of South East In Last Presidential Election

Reno Omokri

Former aide to ex-president, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan and social commentator, Reno Omokri has said that the voting pattern of the South East region during the last presidential election had the potency of leading to complaints of marginalisation of the people in the future.

Omokri, writing on his Facebook page, observed that no political party during the last election recorded the mandatory 25% in any of the five South Eastern States.

According to him, “Peter Obi won in one Southwest state, and got the necessary 25% in other Southwestern states, and in some Northern states. Yet, both Waziri Atiku and Asiwaju Tinubu could not get 25% in any Southeastern state”.

He further said such voting patterns, which in themselves speak volumes, will strengthen the alliance between the Southwest with the North in future elections, stressing that at that point, there would be complaints of marginalisation from some quarters.

“But actions have consequences. Unfortunately, some people are very sensitive to how the behaviour of others affects them, but are too emotional to understand how their own actions are perceived by others. And unfortunately, if you draw their attention to this, insults, rather than a reasonable discussion, will follow, he concluded.


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