2023: Tinubu’s Commissioner, Banire, Favours South East For Presidency

2023: Tinubu's Commissioner, Banire, Favours South East For Presidency
Dr. Muiz Banire

A former Commissioner during the administration of Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu as Lagos State Governor, Dr. Muiz Banire has said that he was in favour of the South East producing the President in 2023.

Banire, who was National Legal Adviser of the All Progressives Congress, APC, stated this while speaking in an interview on Radio Now.

He also said he was against persons above the age of 60 years aspiring for the office of the President.

According to him:

“I must confess to you. Up to about two years ago, I was not for zoning. I was for competence and merit. But because of certain developments that I notice in the country particularly the unfairness and injustice in the country, I felt there is a need for other regions to partake in it. So I am more in favour of power shifting to the South now.

“If you ask me about micro-zoning, I might be beaten up because my tendency would be more in favour of South East on point of equity.

“My tendency would be for them because if you look at all the analysis, we have oppressed these people too much. Go and look at the hierarchy of all the people occupying all the various positions in this country today, before you get to the South Eastern people, it is a long way.”

He, however, said that any other Zone in the South could become the President if the South East was not ready.


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