I Don’t Want Any Family To Have One Unemployed Person – Otti

Dr. Alex Otti

The Abia State Labour Party, LP, Governorship candidate, Dr. Alex Otti has said he does not want any family in Abia to have one unemployed person.

Otti said this on Tuesday in Ukwa East Local Government Area while flagging off his electioneering campaign for the 17 local government areas in Abia State.

The Labour Candidate Governorship candidate advised that people should be bothered what democratic dividends they would get instead of what positions to get in government, instead, adding that such positions don’t translate into benefits for the entire community.

He said:
“I have been listening to people talking about position, asking what position I would give. That position that you would get ends up being a position for one person or his family or his immediate environment. So, I want us to start thinking well.

“You have got a position here (in the past) as number three man, abi? Has anything changed? “So, I do not have number three position to give you, but you have got it before.”

“There have been commissioners here, right? There have been members of the House of Assembly; there have been party chairmen of ruling parties and Ukwa is still like this.

“So, the issue is not what you get for individuals, it’s what you get for everybody as a community. What I’m coming to do is to create wealth for everybody… I don’t want any family to have one unemployed person.

“I want to engage your people so that they can work. I want to build roads to connect you, so that when your products are coming from the farm you will not spend N1,000 to take it to Aba. So, that is the focus now.

“I don’t care about positions; positions are for individuals. But we are looking collectively at Ndoki people, what do we get?

“There has been a president in this country, after he finished his presidency, it was reported that he has no pipe-borne water in his village”.

“The mindset now has to change. Talk about the community, don’t talk about the individual. Thank you.”


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