Former Abia Commissioner Alleges Threat To Life [Check out for details]

Sir Don Ubani

The Deputy Chief of Staff to the Governor of Abia State in the office of the Deputy Governor and a former Commissioner in the State, Sir Don Ubani, has alleged that the immediate past Governor of Abia State, Sen. T.A. Orji and his son have threatened his life through a Liaison Officer.

He said he had intelligence that the former Governor and his son had hatched a plot to him him assassinated at Umuahia or elsewhere.

In a statement titled, “My simple and honest response to Dr Eme Okoro’s reply and conveyance of threat to my life from the quarters of an ex-Governor of Abia State, Ubani said, “On the threat to my life by the immediate past Governor of Abia State and his son through his Liaison Officer, I only want to say that their penchant for brutality and heinous activities are well known even in their nativity.

“Intelligence I have is that the son summoned and presided over a meeting last night, during which he gave money to his Cyber Bullies to unleash attacks on me. The Bullies were also instructed to recruit as many other Cyber Attackers as they could. He boastfully told them that he had unimaginable amount of money to play with.

“The same intelligence revealed that, with unbridled arrogance, he told his audience, that as long as money is concerned, nothing will deter him from being the next Governor of the State. He is ‘God’ and, so, has the power of Clairvoyance! Only time will prove if he is, indeed, God or not.

“The most important aspect of the Intelligence available to me is the plot to get me assassinated in Umuahia or elsewhere.

“I can not be cowed down by such machination. After all, the Ex-Governor and his son are not God, even though they think they have become God.

“In as much as I am not afraid of their resort to assassination or attack by their hired hoodlums, they should know, and quickly too, that they do not have monopoly of violence and brutality.”


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