No Regrets Leaving Party – Former APC State Deputy Chairman

No Regrets Leaving Party - Former APC State Deputy Chairman
Chief Ogunka Adiele John

The former Deputy Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Abia State, Chief Ogunka Adiele John, has said that he does not regret leaving the APC, in spite of the huge contributions he made towards improving the fortunes of the party.

He said he would have lost focus completely if he had continued to remain in the APC longer than he did, adding that a party that was yet to ratify its Congresses in many States including Abia, months after they were concluded would never be a reliable vehicle for the growth of democratic ideals in the nation.

In a telephone interview with Newsportal, Chief John said the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, particularly in Abia State, had a very interesting way of reconciling differences in a manner that doesn’t leave deep scares on members.

He expressed optimism that the PDP would rule Abia for a long time because, according to him, the party was more united in the State.

Asked what commitments the PDP made to him before he joined the party, he said he didn’t need any inducement to motivate him to join the PDP, stressing that he was convinced that it was a good decision for him to take.

On whether he had any plans to contest for any office in the 2023 general elections, he said,” even though it is the speculation of many that I intend to contest for an office in 2023, but I have not given it a thought even when I was in APC. It is not an issue that I intend to delve into at this time”.


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