2023: Group Cautions Politicians Over Equity In Abia Federal Constituency


A group under the aegis of Asa Liberation Movement (ALM) has warned politicians in the Ukwa West Local Government Area of Abia State to be wary of the grave implications of working against the zoning arrangement between the Ukwa East and Ukwa West Local Government Areas for representation in the House of Representatives.

It is reported that there is an agreement between Ukwa East and Ukwa West to take turns for the seat of the Ukwa East/Ukwa West Federal Constituency. It is also reported that an Ukwa West son occupied the seat between 1999 and 2007, but the seat has been occupied for the past 15years by an Ukwa East son.

The group said it has decided to mobilise the youths in the Ukwa West Local Government Area to ensure that the House of Representatives seat returns to the Local Government in 2023.

The communiqué signed on behalf of the group by Hon. Emeka Adiele, Comrade Charles Ehiemere and Uju Ihunanyachukwu, reads in part:

“We shall mobilize against sixteen (16) years of avoidable sophistry, inexplicable asphyxiation, political hopelessness and non offering of any good infrastructural and human capital development in Ala Asa.

“We shall henceforth embark on a political evangelism and will be making it worthwhile with our visit to units, wards and the L.G.A in caboodle to conscientize our youths to ensure that the votes that will deliver this change and enhance the will of the masses are counted.

“Since the electoral act has been signed and we so know that Nigeria is moving gradually to a point where the votes of the electorates must count, we shall not leave our political leaders in their eccentric mistakes and gobbledegook in order not to mash Ala Asa into the cavernous chasm of silhouette.

“We shall align and justifiably back up every House of Representatives aperture for the Asa man as to maintain the beauty of equity and fairness in Ukwa political atmospherics.

“We have set up our modalities and methodologies to discover any Asa man who is out to play the ostrich in order to divide the votes allotted to an Asa man during the primaries of various political parties.

“We shall fight with every arsenal within our disposal to stop the aforementioned person(s) before the primaries and will make sure we subject him to public obloquy to eat the humble pie.

“We respectfully call on all the political leaders in Ukwa West to deem it necessary to maintain the zoning arrangement of political positions as being deposed since 1966 and jettison any interest that would jeopardize the functionality of the zoning system in Ukwa West.

“We shall meet the leaders of all the registered political parties in Ukwa West to give us the names of their delegates for party primaries so as to issue them a stern warning about the consequences of voting against an Asa man in their various parties.

“We entreat our political leaders whose interests may clash with ours to bear with us and retrace their steps without minding whose ox is gored, for any deviation from the above statements, may cause them untold misfortune and we will not mind moving mountains to make sure they regret any unwanted reactions.

“We shall be voting out any party who fails to give its ticket for Ukwa East/West Federal House of Representatives to an Asa man in the forthcoming party primaries.”


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