Soludo Reacts To Attack On Aguata LG Council, Calls Those In Bushes With Gun Criminals


Anambra State Governor, Charles Chukwuma Soludo has described all those in the bushes with guns as criminals.

The Governor made the assertion on Friday when he visited the Aguata Local Government Council that was attacked and set on fire by unknown gunmen.

Governor Charles Soludo at the scene of the incident

Reacting to the incident, Soludo said the criminals had a place in the bush from where they operated but they were smoked out

He said:

“They have been there for more than a year or more than even two years that we’ve been getting reports that they’ve been operating from there. They came from there unhindered and attacked our men, kidnapped, raped, burnt places for two years.

“They operated from there but like we said; Anambra is determined to restore peace in our land, peace and security must reign in our land. And so, yesterday they were smoked out from there, the camp destroyed and I think as they were fleeing from the place, cowardly now decided to come and set ablaze the local government but thank God that the Police came in on time, also smoked them out from here.

“As we’ve quite said and we’ve said it over and over, we’ve offered olive branch to all those who are in the bush to come out, surrender your guns and we’ll have to rehabilitate you to play critical roles in the development of Anambra, the South East, and Nigeria, but those who refuse to take that option and decide to continue with their criminal activities from the bush, various bushes around, we can only say one thing to them and that is that they can not cow the people. Anambra will take back their land.”


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