Only United APC Can Win, Salvage Abia State … Wabara

Sir Marc Wabara

A Chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Sir Marc Wabara, has said that it is only a united APC that can win the 2023 elections and salvage Abia State from the deplorable infrastructural degradation it is speedily drifting into.

In a statement, Wabara stated that it had become very obvious that the internal wrangling within the party could derail its avowed commitment towards cleaning the tears of many in the State yearning for good governance.

He also pointed out that to make the dividends of democracy available to the inhabitants of the State, the abundant human and material resources should be mobilised to provide the enabling environment for businesses to thrive under a public private partnership (PPP) arrangement.

Wabara disclosed that the city of Aba alone could add heavily to the internally generated revenue of the State, stressing that the moment critical infrastructure was put in place, Abia would witness tremendous development considering the dexterity of its people as far as small and medium enterprises were concerned.

He said there are many professionals in Abia State who know what it would take to put the State on the path of economic prosperity, adding that government’s primary responsibility / focus should be to provide the enabling environment under globally acceptable, legal and operational framework necessary to attract investors, funding, and investment partners.

He further argued that there was no excuse for an oil producing State like Abia with a commercial centre that attracts business people from neighbouring States and other countries on a daily basis not to rank among the best States in Nigeria in terms of good road network, and maintenance of public institutions, adding that the primary responsibility of any government is to provide for the welfare, well-being and security of its people.

He strongly emphasized that many businesses which should have been development partners are struggling to keep their businesses afloat because of the poor state of infrastructure in the State.


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