Pleasant Surprise: Member Pays Bills For 63 Persons Travelling Abroad On OPM Scholarship In Supermarket


A member of the Omega Power Ministries, OPM, on Saturday in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital, paid for all the items bought in a Supermarket by sixty three students who are on the scholarship programme of the Church.

The member whose name was given as Chibuzor was reported to have testified sometime in the past how the Nigerian Navy released his vessels which the Agency had seized within 24 hours.

It was said that Apostle Gift Chibuzor Chinyere, the founder and General Overseer of OPM had prophesied that the seized vessels would be released in 24 hours.

According to a post in the Facebook page of Apostle Chinyere, an account of the incident states thus:

“Yesterday 19 March when as Apostle Chibuzor OPM took the scholarship students travelling to Cyprus to Everyday Supermarket for shopping so they can buy the things they need as they are travelling this week to Cyprus. One member of OPM, Bro Chibuzor came met them in the Supermarket.

‘Bro Chibuzor happens to be member of OPM that testified how Nigerian Navy seized his vesseland he ran to Apostle Chibuzor OPM who prophecy that the vessel would be released in 24 hours and it happened so.

” That how he became a serious member of OPM. And yesterday as soon as entered Everyday Supermarket and asked Apostle Chibuzor what was happening with so many children and Apostle told him. He then offered to pay for all the 63 children and instantly transferred money for everything they bought.”


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