Abia: It Amounts To Social, Economic Abomination For Old Bende To Rule 16 Years As Against Old Aba’s 8 Years – Sir Don Ubani

Sir Don Ubani

Former Commissioner of Information and Strategy in Abia State, Sir Don Ubani has described it as social and economic abomination for the Old Bende Division comprising eight Local Government Areas to rule Abia State for an unbroken sixteen years while the Old Aba Division of nine Local Government Areas is being intimidated to govern for only eight years.

Ubani has come under media attacks, recently, for his stand on power rotation in Abia State, which he believes should move to the Umunneato-Ngwa of Abia State in 2023.

In a statement, Ubani said, “I shall not subscribe to even a mere imagination of Old Bende of eight Local Government Areas ruling Abia State consecutively for Sixteen Years while Old Aba Division with Nine Local Government Areas will be intimidated to do only Eight Years. That would amount to Social and Economic Abomination. I should completely be counted out of such shameful calculation.

The former Commissioner, who is presently the Deputy Chief of Staff to the Governor in the office of the Deputy Governor, alleged that desperation had recently pushed some people to resort to all manner of propaganda against him.

He said, ” Desperation had led some agents of the devil to resort to all manner of spurious propaganda against me. An inordinately ambitious governorship dreamer had even gone to the wicked and desperate extent of sponsoring and using a morally debased reporter in the Blueprint Newspaper to falsely allege that I hosted a meeting in my home in which I ‘blasted’ Governor Okezie Ikpeazu. This is how wicked man could desperately but fruitlessly be!.”

In conclusion, he said, “I am convinced that even if there is any sin that the Peoples of Ukwa La Ngwa have committed that God Almighty, in His infinite mercy, would forgive us and save us from the unimaginable humiliation and shame of 24 years of Governorship for Old Bende of merely 8 Local Government Areas and only 8 years for Old Aba Division of 9 Local Government Areas. This irony shall not birth.”


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