Buhari Worst Leader Ever To Emerge In Last 60 Years – Vanguard Columnist

Buhari Worst Leader Ever To Emerge In Last 60 Years - Vanguard Columnist
President Muhammadu Buhari vs Obi Nwakanma

A Columnist with the Vanguard newspapers, Prof. Obi Nwakanma has described President Muhammadu Buhari as the worst leader ever to emerge in the last 60 years in Nigeria’s life as a Nation.

Writing in his column, THE ORBIT on Sunday, Nwakanma said Buhari would leave office as the greatest joke of the century.

In justifying his position, he said, ‘The security of Nigeria, and the national public sense of well-being, is at an all-time low and has never come under more severe threat than under the presidency of Mr Muhammadu Buhari”.

The Columnist said the claim by Buhari of successes in driving out Boko Haram was founded on untruth, as according to him, “Boko Haram/ISWAP has expanded its operations. The spittle had not just dried from the President’s lips, when the Boko Haram terrorists struck in Zamfara between January 4 and 6 killing over 200 people.

“Security in the upper North of Nigeria has literally collapsed under the weight of local and international terrorism under Buhari”.

He said if Buhari had died in the accident of 2014, he would have been the greatest President Nigeria never had, just like Awolowo.


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