Bayelsa: Unmasking the masquerade of lies against the prosperity administration

Esumai Ambros
Esumai Ambros
  • By Esumai Ambros

In the last few weeks, it has become increasingly clear that most critics of the sure progress of the prosperity administration in Bayelsa State are seen as ignorant, novices or just plain anywhere-belle-face apologists.

If you had monitored the commentaries on the social media, it is often that of those whose uproar are pure signs of ignorance and others aligned with preferred biases but at the center of all the opprobrium, there doesn’t seem to be any substance or vision beyond wishful thinking and self-interest powering the social activism from an individual.

Unlike the ignoramus, the real players know how to play the game and expectedly, the initiates know the rites, meaning, codes and procedures.

To the uninitiated like the armed chair critics, their commentaries are full of lies and are all glamour of mis-facts.

The claims of alleged poor performance are signs of the opposition desperation, mischief and desperate attempt at hoodwinking unsuspecting members of the general public.

Despite the ripples of lies caused by the incoherent and bad-mannered commentators about the prosperity administration, the comments of these Facebook critics of the Prosperity Government have elicited so many responses, both from the government and the public. Hence, the need to clarify the issues raised with this piece.

It is a known fact that roads play an integral part in both urban and rural development. They enable local communities access both opportunities and necessities that will significantly boost livelihood, and engender economic activities in developing environments.

Therefore, having good road network and interconnectivity plays a vital role in improving local economies as well as bring exposure and development to hitherto lock-in communities.

It is as a result of the above stated facts that Senator Douye Diri upon assumption of office as Governor of Bayelsa State made the pledge that he would put the construction of the Senatorial roads, Igbogene- AIT -Elebele outer-ring-road, Glory Drive and internal roads within Yenagoa metropolis on his priority list.

To keep true to his promise, the Prosperity Administration hit the ground running by commencing work on the key road projects and are all progressing well.

As at the time of writing this piece, the Central Senatorial District road has reached the Angiama Community, creating shorter access to the Federal Polytechnic, Ekowe, in Southern Ijaw Local Government Area, while the West Senatorial District road has reached Aleibiri, the community hosting the Bayelsa State Polytechnic in Ekeremor Local Government Area.

This no mean feat had been achieved by the Prosperity Administration less than two years in office. To tacitly put it, the Senator Douye Diri -led administration has invested billions of naira into the construction of these two mega and signature projects.

For the avoidance of doubt, Central Senatorial District road is designed to cover a length of approximately 38km, consisting of seven major bridges spanning over the River Nun to Oporoma.

The Yenagoa-Oporoma road project is expected to enhance accessibility to the Oporoma area, headquarter of the Local Government Area which is currently inaccessible by road. The strategic importance is to provide wider access to markets, schools and industries for the rural population.

Meanwhile, West Senatorial District road is linking several riverine communities in both Sagbama and Ekeremor Local Government Areas.
The road is being built with a number of bridges and today, one can drive to Toru-Orua, Angalabiri, Ofoni, Ayamasa, Aleibiri and a major bridge crossing Isampou, then the road lands into Ekeremor town.

The socio-economic benefits derivable from the Central and West Senatorial District road projects include increased economic activities, reduced commuting time, access to education and training, quick access to healthcare and tourism.

From the foregoing, even non-engineers in society could just imagine how expensive these projects are. It is expected that even the most wicked critics of government would appreciate the commitment of this administration to the construction of these roads considering the huge sums required to accomplish them. And to say the government is not working is most uncharitable.

Also, the Igbogene- AIT Elebele outer-ring road is ongoing at a good pace and have reached an appreciable stage today.

Today, what the Facebook critics and opposition are more interested in, are the internal link roads being constructed by this administration. When Bayelsa was created on October 1st, 1996, Yenagoa had only one Shell location like road connecting it to the outside world through Mbiama in Rivers State.

And in 1999, when the democratic dispensation was birthed, the governor then, late Chief D.S.P Alamieyeseigha, saw the need to build a dual carriage road which is now Chief Melford Okilo expressway, while his successor, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, built the Isaac Boro Expressway.

At that time, residents parked their cars along the expressway, sometimes many yards away from their homes.

To remedy this challenge, successive administration built a number of internal roads in Yenagoa and the Prosperity Government after rehabilitated some damaged internal roads commenced construction of twenty new ones.

The 20 new concrete roads are accompanied with deep and standard drainage system. It has also been proven that the concrete roads, if properly done, lasts longer than asphalt road in this terrain.

Today, the Prosperity Government has assured that it would award additional internal roads within the State capital after February 2022.

Rather criticizing out of your hate for the government, why not join hands with Prosperity Government to achieve Senator Diri’s mandate on road construction which is aimed at achieving the following:

To facilitate development through the provision of infrastructure and services within the state;

To reduce cost of living through affordable and easy means of transportation and communication;

To control and minimize the effects of natural disasters and phenomena such as flood and erosion in the state.

This government of prosperity is too focused to be distracted. Today, we have a leader who is genuinely committed to a greater Bayelsa State. All that is required is the support of every stakeholders to enable the government deliver on its promises.


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